Providing Housing Resources to Pastors at Peninsula Bible Church


We are a newly-formed, non-profit foundation that has been established to continue and formalize PBC’s efforts to address the negative impact that high housing cost in this area have on our ability to recruit and retain pastoral staff. While we are set up as a separate and independent organization from PBC, our focus and ministry is tightly tied to the ministry of the church; we will work closely with the Elders on this important task of helping pastors afford to live and minister here.

We derive our name from Acts 2:45. We hope that it will remind everyone — including those who give to this ministry, the pastors who will benefit from the foundation’s assistance and all of us who benefit from the continued teaching and shepherding of our pastors — to give sacrificially to address this great need, and to invest in our pastoral staff, providing a long-lasting benefit to the church.

We will receive specific direction from the Board of Elders to prioritize and execute projects. These may include the purchase or establishment of co-ownership agreements of residences to be used as homes for pastors. We also provide a service to the Body at PBC by providing tax-qualified vehicles for testamentary and deferred giving.

And they were selling their possessions and belongings and distributing the proceeds to all, as any had need.

Acts 2:45 (ESV)


Legacy Giving

Throughout your life you have supported the work of the church; you can bless the next generation with a legacy gift provided through your will or trust.  Your planned gift will enable PBC to provide pastoral housing so that our shepherds can be part of the community in which they serve.

One Time Gift

Direct giving to the Foundation will allow us to move forward right away. 

Property Donation

We accept donations of real estate, stocks, bonds and other financial instruments are also welcome.

Contact Us with Any Questions You May Have

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Board Members

Jerry Yan

Jerry Yan


Jerry Yan has been an elder at Peninsula Bible Church since 1993. He is president of the Foundation and board.

Email: jerry_yan @

Bob Clarkson

Bob Clarkson


Bob is a retired corporate and securities lawyer. He has attended PBC since 1994.

Christine Kurihara

Christine Kurihara


Christine retired from Stanford University after a 28-year career in IT and administration.  She has attended PBC since 1991 and currently serves as a Deacon. 

Daryl Sid

Daryl Sid


Daryl is a Licensed Real Estate Agent in the bay area and has attended PBC since 1997.  He manages operations for the Foundation and is on the board.

Peter Monaco

Peter Monaco

Board Member

Peter is a software engineer, currently working at Facebook.  He has been attending PBC since 1983.