School for Spiritual Revival
Equipping a new generation to transform the Bay Area for Christ

Training People to Serve Christ through

his grace, Power and truth

Biblically Rooted

All the teaching is biblically n theologically grounded.  We stand upon a truth found in Scripture.

Integrative Approach

The classes will merge the theological, biblical with the practical all in one class. This will streamline the teaching for the busy Bay Area, and will strengthen the topic as it will be approached through various perspectives.

Ministry Focused

Though each will be personally enriched, the goal of the training will be to equip us to minister to others. We will be equipping people to serve within the body of Christ.


A comprehensive understanding of the Gospel


A vibrant presence of the Spirit in ministry


A compassionate perspective of sin


A message that is contextualized to different cultures and generations


A foundational truth that never changes


A vital ministry of intercession and prayer


An extraordinary life of grace within ourselves, our families, church, and society


A community that mutually encourages and exhorts one another


A deep understanding of faith in Christ that is the basis of our salvation, and results in the transformational work of God through us

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Jeff Louie

Jeff Louie

Pastor of Equipping

A native New Yorker, Jeff has also lived in Dallas, Chicago, and since 1990 in the Bay Area.  With his wife Judy, they have two daughters, two son-in-laws, and four grandchildren. Besides having been a pastor for 25 years, he was a seminary professor for 13 years.  He received his PhD from Dallas Theological Seminary, and was a founding member of the Gospel Coalition.


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