Vince and Cathy Costa

Vince and Cathy Costa Proclaim! International, Italy and Western Europe

Vince and Cathy want to thank you for your partnership in training, counseling, and mentoring the next generation of leaders in both the Italian, Maltese and refugee population in southern Europe. It’s because of your wonderful generosity and the faithfulness of God that Vince was able to travel extensively counseling refugees, church leaders and hold retreats in Calabria and Sicily focusing on the leaders’ marriage relationship and pastoral care.

Discipling the next generation of leaders who will have a major impact on people around them through their passionate, repentant, and transformed lives is paramount in Vince and Cathy’s ministry focus. As Peninsula Bible Church co-labors with the Costas in this glorious ministry to see lives transformed to the glory of God in the Mediterranean basin and beyond, God’s kingdom is advancing and responding to the desperate human conditions and needs of people around them, as they go. Pray with Vince and Cathy as they continue to focus on the Italian, Maltese, immigrant, refugee, and transient populations that migrate from North Africa to Europe.

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