Tuvya and Ellen Zaretsky

Tuvya and Ellen Zaretsky 310.367.3926 Jews for Jesus, Los Angeles, California

Ellen and Tuvya Zaretsky, career missionaries with Jews for Jesus, are currently based in Los Angeles. Tuvya specializes in ministry with Jewish-Gentile couples and trains missionary staff worldwide.

The 2016 Joy to the World gift enabled Tuvya to prepare Jews for Jesus Israeli staff for a major 2018 outreach. Tuvya has trained volunteers from five partnering churches and two messianic congregations this year. Tuvya wrote a follow-up outreach booklet to his 2016 workbook for Christians. Finding Spiritual Harmony in your Jewish-Gentile Relationship will be released in November. PBC also helped Ellen’s work transcribing and editing manuscripts. Tuvya’s work is an innovative contribution to ministry to Jewish millennials, the most spiritually open segment of the American Jewish community.

Tuvya has preached two sermons at PBC: Lift Jesus Up, Isaiah 53 (9/2/2007), and Encourage, Appreciate, Challenge, Isaiah 6 (11/6/2010) as well as many Christ in the Passover presentations.

Joy to the World Suggestions:

  1. Ministry outreach on Social Media to Jewish-Gentile Couples – Easter/Passover and Hanukkah/Christmas ads: $200 per day ad-buying opportunity
  2. 2020 Israel Ministry training for New Missionaries and Outreach: $1,800 air fare and ground costs
  3. 2020 Production of Podcasts and audiobooks for Jewish-gentile couples: $250 per studio day

Contact Information

10962 LeConte Avenue,,Los Angeles,CA,90024