Todd and Karla Poulter

Todd and Karla Poulter Leadership Development, Wycliffe Bible Translators

Todd’s leadership development role in the Wycliffe Global Alliance allows him to have a part in the lives of men and women like Mathew from Kenya (working on his doctorate in leadership), Ruben from Romania (a young visionary), David from Colombia (a leader in the Latin American mission movement), and Mariela (who oversees Wycliffe’s ministry in Argentina). Through these relationships, Todd and Karla have learned the value of “inefficient lingering,” spending unstructured time together with younger leaders that provides opportunity for significant conversations to happen.

They love being part of their local church in Hawaii where the pastoral team are the age of their own sons. There are plenty of younger men and women and families to befriend, including the first missionaries that the church recently sent out.

Last year’s Joy to the World gift enabled them to extend hospitality to a variety of people.

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