Steve and Erica Lawry

Steve and Erica Lawry Parakaleo Christian Ministry at Stanford, CA

Steve and Erica Lawry have served undergraduate and graduate students at Stanford University, also alumni, through their organization Parakaleo Christian Ministries since 1974. Their purpose is to guide believers to biblical answers to the nitty-gritty issues of their own lives, and equip them with practical scriptural wisdom for others who open up to them throughout their professional and personal lives.

In response to much urging from former students who have seen the long-lasting impact of the Biblical Counseling Course in their own lives and ministries after graduating, Steve and Erica are now teaching and vetting the final booklet in the “How (not what!) to Change” series from the heart of Romans, a practical summary of Paul’s three steps of change with comprehensive examples of how to apply all three steps to a number of commonly challenging issues of life to achieve real transformation and a much closer on-going partnership with the Lord.

In addition to teaching and working on publication Steve and Erica are actively mentoring and counseling students; presenting issues seminars and serving as a resource to other Christian groups on campus.

Contact Information

P.O. Box 20462,Stanford,CA,94309