Rebecca Harrington

Rebecca Harrington Cru Lifelines, Portland, Maine

Lifelines is the experiential learning ministry of Cru, the US ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ. Its purpose is to use the outdoors to help people grow in relationship with God, in relationship with each other, in character and leadership. Rebecca has been on staff since 2010, currently in Maine leading trips with colleges all across the Northeast region (New York to Maine).

Lifelines challenges students spiritually, relationally, and physically on wilderness trips like rock climbing and white water rafting. Adventure outside our comfort zone tends to expose our deepest fears and beliefs about God, ourselves, and others! In that place of heart awareness, Lifelines staff share about Christ and help people experience the grace and truth of the Gospel. They come alongside students in their spiritual journeys also through Bible study and small group mentoring on campus. They interact with diverse groups, like fraternities, sports teams, freshman dorm floors, and international students.

Sunday, April 18 |  4pm | Zoom
Join Rebecca on Zoom to hear more about what outdoor college campus ministry in the Northeast US looks like. If you can't make the Zoom call, please feel free to reach out to Rebecca directly.

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194 Cottage Rd,Windham,ME,04062