Paul and Christine Kroeger

Paul and Christine Kroeger Wycliffe Bible Translators, Texas

Paul and Christine Kroeger have been members of Wycliffe since 1981. They currently serve at Dallas International University (formerly Graduate Institute of Applied Linguistics) in Dallas, Texas, a training school that prepares Wycliffe members (as well as staff from several other agencies) to work in Bible translation and adult literacy. Paul teaches linguistics courses for prospective translators and supervises MA theses, often for colleagues who have already begun translation projects and are returning to the US for additional training.

Last year’s Joy to the World donations were sent to the school’s financial aid fund for current and prospective Bible translators, and this year’s donations will be used in the same way. Financial aid is a critical need for most GIAL students because as missionaries they would not be able to pay off student loans, and they need to be debt free before they leave for their field assignment.

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