Marc and Suzanne Jacobson

Marc and Suzanne Jacobson Missionary Support Services (Wycliffe), Philippines

Marc and Suzanne Jacobson serve under the Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh and Wycliffe Bible Translators. Their ministry in the Philippines is focused on the Inabaknon Heritage Society, a non-profit created so that their 37 years among the Abaknon People may become locally self-sustaining. The IHS pursues discipleship in three main areas: 1) An intentional Christian community for Abaknon college scholars in Manila, 2) Old Testament translation and writing Bible study guides at the IHS Center in Capul Town, and 3) High school tutoring, Bible studies and a boys' dorm, also in town.

In 2015, PBC Palo Alto funding helped furnish the boys dormitory with beds and desks so that this new ministry of the IHS Center building could begin in June. This year the IHS needs scholarships for high school dorm and college students.

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