Liz and Chris Thrasher-Wheatley

Liz and Chris Thrasher-Wheatley 530.521.7242 Intervarsity in OR & Northern CA

InterVarsity’s prayerful vision is to plant dynamic, joyful small groups in every corner of every campus in Southern Oregon and Northern California (“OreCal”) where any student, staff or faculty can ask their questions about Jesus and experience his power. OreCal InterVarsity celebrated growth especially in the Nurses and Latino Bible studies, both of which doubled in size from last year.

Chris travels far and wide coaching the 7 OreCal staff and developing their leadership, and speaking at conferences. Liz focuses on donor relations and fraternity sorority ministry at Chico State, and she will direct a track for seekers at the West Coast Greek Conference.

Last year Chris and Liz used the Joy to the World gifts to coach the launch of THREE NEW CHAPTERS at previously unreached campuses!! They are very thankful for the generosity shown by PBC!

Personal update: The Thrasher Wheatley boys (Liam, Henri, and Elliot) enjoy reading, playing soccer and trading pokemon cards. Please come for a visit if you’re ever up their way— Chico is a gorgeous town & the Thrasher Wheatleys love hosting guests!

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