Chrissy Tsai

Chrissy Tsai Cru Leadership Development, Pacific Southwest Region, CA

Chrissy works with Cru in leadership development and staff care on the West Coast, ranging from Seattle to San Diego, from Hawaii to Arizona. She shepherds, develops, and supports 260 staff and interns on 27 teams (plus 80 staff overseas) through coaching, trainings, and campus visits. Chrissy’s heart is to provide staff the care, vision, and development they need to sustain them as they reach students and build them up to be lifetime followers and laborers for Christ. Today’s college students are tomorrow’s leaders in communities and the workplace!

Last year’s gifts enabled Chrissy to visit three new teams in Oregon as well as care for 5 understaffed teams in northern California. It provided for her new summer role as Coaching Director at Xtrack, Cru’s five-week cross-cultural training for new missionaries going overseas long-term. train first-year staff in evangelism and cross-cultural ministry skills; help plan and lead the Santa Monica Summer Mission, training 61 students to share their faith and live out Christ-centered community; and participate in an Ethnic Minority Staff conference as Cru continues its journey of growing in and embracing ethnic diversity and unity.

Funds made payable to “Cru” can be mailed to Cru Donation Services, 100 Lake Hart Drive, Orlando FL 32832-0100. Include a note saying “Chrissy Tsai - Acct 0490091”.
Thanks so much!!

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