Arthur Rogers

Arthur Rogers Cru Online Strategies, SoCal Office

Whether it’s Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or the newest, coolest application, that’s where students are. Arthur works for Cru on their Online Strategies team connecting new students to a campus ministry in their area. By running the back end of social media and digital marketing, Arthur connects incoming students to Cru and enables “boots on the ground” missionaries to fully utilize their time reaching lost students.

His heart is to help students transition smoothly from high school to college, by far the most drastic change in their lives to that point. Roughly 75% of high school Christians stop following God in college, and Arthur desires to help that percentage disappear and have college be a time of spiritual growth for students.

Arthur is a born and raised PBCer before going to SJSU, where he first got involved in Cru. Arthur served in San Jose as a student, leading both their weekly meetings and commuter ministry before graduating and moving to Irvine for a full time operations role."

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