The joy of new life through faith in Jesus is a message of hope the whole world needs to hear. PBC is committed to taking this message into as many corners of our community, and of the globe, as God will lead us. 

From a prison in Mexico, to a rural hillside in Africa, we rejoice that God is using PBC to further his kingdom. Whether through our Friday evening Recovery Ministry event, or through a small college-campus Bible study, we celebrate the new life that is being found in Jesus Christ! We are a community of people seeking to reach out and help meet needs; teen moms in our community, women enslaved by the Thai sex trade. 

Through these examples and many more, proclaiming of the gospel of Jesus Christ is central to the heart of Peninsula Bible Church. Missionaries have gone out from this church to continually serve God on every continent in the world. Missionaries go out from this church every Sunday to serve God right here in the Bay Area. In both cases, the gospel of Jesus Christ is being proclaimed in word and in deed.

We invite you to explore our ministries of outreach and join us in the mission that God puts on your heart.