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Ray Stedman - January 6, 1973

Parents are People

Scripture References: Deuteronomy 6:4-9

From Series: "Guidelines for the Home"

Sermons primarily from the Law of Moses (Deuteronomy) concerning principles of family and community life for Christians. In Ray's words, "As you know, ignorance and confusion abounds on every side in the whole matter of what homes ought to be like, what parents ought to do, and how they ought to handle the raising of children. We are torn between conflicting schools of thought in the world of psychology and psychiatry. Authorities in this area do not speak with one voice at all. Some advocate strong discipline and directive control of the growing experiences of children. Others say no, we ought to remove all restrictions and let them express themselves fully, and this will produce what we're after; parental limitations only hinder and abort the whole process. Most of us don't know which to believe, and so we do perhaps the worst thing of all---we drift uneasily and uncertainly between these extremes. But today many are asking for guidelines from the Scriptures, and I am so glad that is true. We are recognizing once again that we must come back to the wisdom and authority of the word of God... Once again we are driven back to face what the Scriptures have been saying all along---that there is no substitute for a home, that the home is the place where all this needs to be done, and that it is not in a school or an institution of any sort."

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