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Ray Stedman - March 8, 1969

God's Countdown

Scripture References: Daniel 9:20-27

From Series: "The Outline of the Future"

Ray's knowledge of Bible prophecy and current events was profound. A frequent visitor to Israel and a keen observer of the world scene, Ray was careful not to major only in Bible prophecy. When he addressed great themes of prophecy such as those found in Daniel his insights seem decades ahead of his time. "I wonder if there are any of us who have any real idea of how despairing many are today. Do we have any concept at all of how hopeless life appears to many young people in our day? They are thwarted on every side and do not know where to turn. They find no sense or meaning to life. These are not merely passing fancies, they are conditions under which some live all the time, without a ray of hope. I feel strongly that we need to lift up our voices on prophetic matters because they are designed to be light to shine in a dark place."

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