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Steve Zeisler - June 21, 2015

All Is (not) Lost

This message is an overview of the book of Ruth. Like the story of humanity itself, this is an account of God's love for broken and hurting people. Naomi's rescue from hardship and bitterness are compelling for folks (most of us) who share her struggles.

Scripture References: Ruth 2:1-23, Ruth 1:1-22, Ruth 4:1-22, Ruth 3:1-18

From Series: "Great is Thy Faithfulness"

The book of Ruth is a marvelous story with a powerful witness to the faithfulness of God. It begins with tragedy: drought, dislocation, and death. It ends with a baby and a genealogy that forecasts the birth of a king. Ruth is a story that draws us in. Surprisingly, we discover ourselves in the experiences of men and women who lived in a simple agrarian society 3000 years ago. Most importantly, the faithful care of a loving God is made abundantly clear. This sermon series will expand our sermons preached in 1997, available online.

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