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Ray Stedman - April 21, 1979

Giving and Living

Scripture References: 1 Corinthians 16:1-9

From Series: "Studies in First Corinthians"

Ray called Paul's letters to the Church at Corinth in Greece, "the Letters to the Californians," because life in ancient Corinth was so much like that experienced in the twentieth century in California's Silicon Valley. Ray deals systematically with division in the church, with sexual immorality, marriage and divorce, tongues, the nature of spiritual gifts, the resurrection. This is a foundation series for the Christian life. "In some ways, most remarkably, this letter is different from all the other letters the apostle wrote. Most of them began with a rather lengthy doctrinal section in which he is teaching great truth, and close with a practical section in which he applies what he is teaching. But here, right from the very beginning, he plunges into the problems of the church, and intersperses a kind of practicality of doctrine with revelations of truth throughout the letter."

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