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Steve Zeisler - August 14, 2011

The Light of the World

Portraits John Painted

In the presence of a blind man Jesus asserts that he is the ‘light of the world.’ His healing of this man’s vision is followed by unbinding him from foolish concerns about what is permitted on the Sabbath and fear of what others think. Gratitude leads to truth telling and courageous faith.

Scripture References: John 9:1-7

From Series: "Portraits John Painted"

John's gospel differs from the other three. He records fewer incidents, includes no parables, and has only brief reference to Jesus' ministry in Galilee. However, the stories John does tell of Jesus' encounters with those in need, those he loves, and even those who are his enemies are usually richer in detail and often reflect on what an event means in addition to matters of fact. John's record of his memories of Jesus has been called, "the intimate gospel." This sermon series will consider portraits of Jesus, painted by 'one whom Jesus loved,' that are found in the first nine chapters of the Gospel of John.

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