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Scott Grant - November 19, 2017

New Heart

Knowing the God of Justice and Hope: The Book of Ezekiel

The prophet Ezekiel preached a lot and got no results, but he’s given a decidedly different message to preach in Ezekiel 36, one that contains hope that his countrymen will at last be responsive to the Lord. Change—positive change in the lives of human beings—is possible, more than possible. How does it come about?

Scripture References: Ezekiel 36:16-38

From Series: "Knowing the God of Justice and Hope: The Book of Ezekiel"

Join us this fall as we immerse ourselves in the powerful imagery of Ezekiel's visions, symbolic actions and prophetic announcements. We will see a God who judges fairly, but ultimately turns that judgment on himself. We will see a God who promises a glorious future. The book of Ezekiel will guide us into Knowing the God of Justice and Hope.

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