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PBC Remodel Project

———- Questions & Answers ———-

Q 1 How did our fundraising campaign go?

The original request was $3.5M and would have included extensive remodels of the Worship Center and Playground areas.  Total pledges came in at $2.0M which meant we needed to scale back those two projects. The kitchen could not be scaled back due to commercial permitting requirements.  However, by doing some projects inhouse we were able to keep many of the features of the Worship Center remodel. We are excited that despite the recent economic challenges, our body has responded to the pledge confirmations affirmatively.  

Q 2 What is the timeline?

Work has already begun on the kitchen and Worship Center.  The kitchen project will take ~10 weeks and is already 4 weeks in!  The Worship Center has just begun and will also take 10-12 weeks if all goes as planned.  The Entryway may be delayed due to permitting, but we are unsure of that schedule. Once permits have been approved it is a 6-8 week project.

Q 3 How does this impact regathering?

The current COVID-19 crisis is still being monitored by our County and regathering seems unlikely in the summer.  We are using this time to move forward with the Worship Center to take advantage of an unused room.  The project is moving quickly and we hope to have things mostly completed prior to re-gathering in the early fall.  Of course, issues may arise as we proceed, in which case we will reconsider how to regather in light of that change.

———- Project Specific Q&A ———-

Entryway and Playgrounds

Q1 Why did the design change?

The original proposed design had a more elaborate entryway near the northeast corner of the playgrounds.  With a reduced budget we had to scale back the design and layout of the entryway.  Instead we chose to devote the lion’s share of the resources to the playgrounds themselves ensuring that safety and practicality were considered primarily.  By moving the entry to the center we had fewer changes to the handicap parking spaces and no longer had to re-grade and reshape the parking lot.  This saved significant funds.  Further, we could then devote the bulk of the funds to appropriate surfaces and playstructures within the play areas.

Q2 Will there be seating for adults?

We were able to secure areas within the entryway to provide seating and tables for families to wait while children are occupied within the play areas.

Q3 What about landscaping?

New landscaping has been designed around the structures and near the new entryway to make a welcoming and handsome entryway. Additional landscaping changes in the front and sides of the church have been postposed for now, as funds did not cover those areas being redone.


Q1 How has the kitchen design changed?

We are able, with the funds that were pledged, to proceed with the original commercial kitchen design as proposed in the first round of design showings.  This will include a fully functional capability to serve meals per county requirements.  Multiple new sinks are being added to satisfy hand-washing, dish-washing and food prep requirements.  All new appliances are being installed.  A new water heater has been purchased to support the requirements of the dishwashing temperature.  We will have additional space in the kitchen due to the removal of the audio booth in the back of the Worship Center (a new sound booth is being built in front of that old space).  This provides us the ability to double our island size and provide extra storage.

Q2 Who will be able to use the new kitchen?

Anyone wishing to cook meals in the new kitchen will need to be approved by PBC and will be required to take commercial food service training.  The training provides detailed instructions on proper food handling and dishwashing.  The county inspector requires that we have a trained person in the kitchen whenever meals are prepared.

Q3 What affect did this have on the Fellowship Hall?

Since food prepared in the kitchen will most often be served in the Fellowship Hall, the commercial requirements ‘spill over’ into that space as well.  We are required to have the appropriate flooring in the room (hence the removal of the carpet and replacement with laminate flooring), additionally designated food storage (the smaller closet in the room is now dedicated to that, in part), serving stations with sneeze guards (we are purchasing these) among other things.  We also took this opportunity to create a new, larger closet to store chairs and tables and to create some built-in storage.

Q4 Has the kitchenette had any changes?

Since we had to move coffee making into the main kitchen (as it is considered food preparation and must be done in a permitted space) we have expanded counter tops in the kitchenette. In addition, a new refrigerator is being purchased to match appliances in the kitchen. Some shuffling of cabinet items will also occur – for instance, all communion materials are moving to the main kitchen.

Worship Center

Q1 How did you decide on chairs?

One of the primary concerns during the redesign discussions was how to create a more unified room – making those in the wings feel like they were part of the congregation.  By creating a semi-circular stage, the worship band can better connect with those areas.  In addition, by moving to chairs, we could create a more unified design of the seating so that many of the front rows continue across all three spaces.  This cohesiveness addresses that main concern.  Maintaining pews would always leave the wings feeling ‘a little different’.  We’re also excited by the prospect that the sound will be better for all – we will hear each other more because we will be singing toward each other more, instead of just straight ahead. We believe this will make for a better worship experience for all.

Q2 What happened to the stage verse?

In considering all ways that the front of the church is perceived: by newcomers, by those viewing through livestreaming as well as those who have been attending PBC for some time, it was felt that the words might work better on the back wall instead of on stage.  When viewing through livestreaming, you never could see the whole verse which was a distraction.  For newcomers, the verse might have been jarring or confusing.  By having the verse on the back wall, one sees and reads it upon exiting the Worship Center, after having experienced the Word and Worship.  We wanted to honor the fact that many in our body are passionate about this verse and its connection to PBC so we wanted to ensure it had a place in the Worship Center.

Q3 What happened to the pews?

We are making considerable effort to find a new home for our pews. Although they no longer function for our needs in our space, we know that they are still very beautiful pieces of furniture and hope that we can find a place for them in another congregation. There are websites where you can list used pews, which we have done, and we are waiting to see if there are takers.  If you have an idea of a place that could use them, please contact one of the elders or pastors.  

Q4 When will we meet again?

We await further instructions from the county about regathering.  For now we are not allowed, but this will change over the next several months.  We hope to have the Worship Center fully remodeled prior to that time, so we are not rushing the process.  When we do regather it will most likely be a limited version of our normal gathering, but we will have further information about that when the time comes.  We appreciate that everyone would like to ‘get back to church’ and we honor that, but we also realize that the safety of our congregation is paramount and so we listen to our government officials and wait for the right time.

He who supplies seed to the sower and bread for food will supply and multiply your seed for sowing and increase the harvest of your righteousness. 

2 Corinthians 9:10