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PBC Remodel Project
Remodel Q&A

———- August 2020 Update ———-

Work on our remodel is in full swing!

Great news – the Kitchen is ready to be stocked – the remodel is complete and all stations (handwashing, dish washing, cooking, food prep) are ready for use! Next up is labeling all cupboards, storing all supplies, appliances and cookware and establishing policy and practices.  A complete book of rules and regulations will be created and new signage installed.

Work in the Worship Center and Fellowship Hall is nearly complete as well. The carpets are installed and our new chairs have been delivered and are being installed.  The stage and sound booth are nearly complete – installation of tech features are finishing soon. Final details on the cross and the verse are being completed before installation within a few weeks.

The playground/entryway project is still awaiting final permit approval but should get started in September, God willing.

We continue to be grateful for the support of the body

The current COVID-19 crisis has changed life in so many ways over the past several months.  We have reached out to all who had pledged and were grateful (and a bit surprised!) to find the large majority of our body were able to continue with their pledges as originally planned. We understand that some people may need to modify amounts but that has not had a large impact on the overall scope of the work.  We are continually humbled by God’s provision through all of this.


The Iglesia La Luz Del Mundo took many of our pews for their new home in Salinas. 

———- Updated Plans ———-

Entryway and Playgrounds


We are excited to update our playgrounds and provide a better entrance to our campus.  We hope to convey

  • A Warm Welcome – We do not have a clear pathways for visitors to navigate our campus
  • A Safe Play Area – Play surfaces and fencing need upgrading for safety and functionality
  • A Room for Community – Current playground area doesn’t offer good areas for parents





With the new designs, safety first!  But then, we hope to provide a much more inviting space for adults and children.

  • Main Entry– We want to design an obvious main entry point visible from most of the parking lot
  • Playgrounds – Upgrade play structures with shading and climbing wall
  • Ball Pit – Enhanced ball area with basketball hoop
  • Aesthetics – Improved visual appeal and welcoming area
  • Community – tables and benches for parents



  • Outreach – Commercial permitting required for Recovery ministry and Shelter offerings will further enhance all food service
  • Maintenance – Many aspects of the kitchen and surrounding infrastructure needed long-over-due upgrades


  • Commercial Kitchen – All new appliances, multiple sinks, new commercial dishwasher.  Room reconfigured to take advantage of space that was freed up from back of Worship Center.
  • Food Service – Fellowship Hall also redesigned to accommodate permitting and food service
  • Fellowship Hall – Upgrades to aesthetics and A/V included as well as new furniture and expanded storage areas

Worship Center


The need was all ecompassing – from colors to materials to speakers, lights and window treatments.  We hoped to follow the legacy of past remodels by 

  • Renewal –  refreshed interior after years of use
  • Connection –  enhanced cohesive space for wings and main room
  • Flexibility –  increased ability to adjust to different events & audiences
  • Outreach – welcoming to newcomers and people unfamiliar with church

Our primary desire was to create a space that encompasses all parts of the room, so that those in the wings feel just as much a part of the service as those in the main section. To that end, we made some significant changes! In addition, we realized that livestreaming is in our future and are using this opportunity to create a space that works for online as well.

  • Stage – rounded, encompasses wings
  • Aesthetics – paint, updated carpet and seating, better sight lines
  • Acoustics – speaker system, acoustic  treatments, enhanced tech booth
  • Lighting – lighting design, fixtures, window treatments, enhanced control
  • Livestreaming – better recording capabilities with multiple cameras





REMODEL BUDGET (as of 6/14/20)

The budget for this final remodel phase is $2 million. Pledges for this phase total $1.9 million and are combined with funds already allocated for building.

Remodel Activities Budget (costs in $1000s)Total: $2,000

Playground and Entryway

  • Replace old equipment
  • Replace turf & fencing
  • Add shade canopies
  • Create welcoming entry
  • Add adult seating
Commercial Kitchen$750

Worship Center

  • Refresh interior
  • Replace room lighting
  • Replace sound system & acoustic treatment
  • Build circular stage to improve congregational unity
  • Expand stage lighting
  • Replace seating
  • Expand video infrastructure for livestreaming

Fellowship Hall

  • Refresh interior
  • Replace room lighting
  • Add sound booth
  • Expand closet space to include chair/table storage


We are delighted to see how God works through this process – pledges and giving have now reached the amounts that we have planned and we can proceed immediately to begin work.  Thank you to the generous PBC body for being willing to be the stewards of our space in these difficult times.

Honoring the Legacy, Embracing the Future

What began in 1948 as a calling to five local businessmen, “to know Christ and to make him known,” has blossomed into the far-reaching ministries Peninsula Bible Church. Wise and prayerful stewardship gave us the gift of a space to gather and worship. We have been richly blessed to be the beneficiaries of the planning and sacrifice of those who came before us.

In 2015, the elders discerned a call to honor the past by preparing the facility for the future of ministry at PBC. Since then, the Let’s Build This Together remodel project has addressed several concerns. We have addressed safety and maintenance issues, have configured flexible ministry spaces for children and youth, and consolidated our administrative and office space. Recent events have led the elders to pursue addressing several additional areas of concern.

  • In the fall of 2018, a health inspection revealed to us (and the county) that we were not meeting commercial food service guidelines. This severely impacts our recovery and other outreach ministries.

  • Plans for addressing acoustics and lighting issues for the Worship Center have been under discussion since 2005. New ideas have contributed to a desire to address our primary worship space to create a more consistent and community-oriented experience.
  • Having renewed our commitment to become a more welcoming community, we want to address challenges that our facilities present to newcomers. Plans to upgrade the children’s playgrounds include a redesigned entry-way.


The original land for PBC was purchased in 1954 and the main building was built. The A, B, and C wings were added several years later.

The Fellowship Hall was added in 1972.

Our color scheme in the Worship Center dates to 1989.

The stage was last renovated in 1992.

The D building was added in 2000.

The remodel plan for 2013 included $6M worth of updates. $4M worth were funded and completed.

We have been blessed by the generations before us with facilities to gather and worship God. We believe God will work in powerful ways through PBC as a witness to the gospel of Jesus Christ in Palo Alto. Join us in preparing our buildings for the next generation of ministry in service to God.

He who supplies seed to the sower and bread for food will supply and multiply your seed for sowing and increase the harvest of your righteousness. 

2 Corinthians 9:10