Worshiping God, blessing this community, and forming our faith through beautiful expression.

All Things New

The cry "come Lord Jesus!", lifted up in closing verses of Revelation, is a cry that every age of the church has lifted up. Our own time is bearing witness to the groaning of the natural world, the brokenness of our systems and institutions, and the conflict present in every human heart. We hope in Jesus, and it is to him we sing this song, a desperate plea that he would come complete his promised work, come and make all things new!

Psalm 126

We need the Psalms to be rightly formed as worshipers of the one true God. Psalm 126 holds in honest tension the hope to which we are called as well as the real sorrow that will accompany all who live for God's kingdom. It is hard to live as Jesus called us, to be about redemption and healing. In this journey we are revived and reoriented by the singing and praying of these ancient words.