Ray Stedman - October 31, 1976

The Agony and the Ecstasy

Scripture References: Romans 8:18-28

From Series: "From Guilt to Glory -- Explained"

During his 40-year ministry at PBC Ray preached through this monumental epistle three times with great thoroughness. "I don't know any letter that is more fundamental and foundational than Paul's letter to the Romans. It is unquestionably the greatest of all of Paul's letters and the widest in its scope. It is most intent and penetrating in its insight into the understanding of truth; therefore, it is one of the books of the New Testament that every Christian ought to be thoroughly familiar with. If you haven't mastered the book of Romans and aren't able to think through this book without a Bible before you, then I urge you to set that as your goal. Master the book of Romans---be so acquainted with it that you can outline it and think of its great themes without a Bible open before you. That requires reading it and studying it and thinking it through in careful detail. I think it is safe to say that Romans probably is the most powerful human document that has ever been penned."

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