SENT: Living the Mission of the Church

Jun 11th 2017

We will be encouraged and challenged through messages on the book of Acts.

A Daunting Task
Acts 1
Sep 11th 2016
Paul Taylor
Cut to the Heart
Acts 2:1-41
Sep 18th 2016
Scott Grant
A Passionate Start
Acts 2:42-47
Sep 25th 2016
Paul Taylor
Shaking Things Up
Acts 3-4
Oct 2nd 2016
Scott Grant
Faith and Politics
Mark 12:13-17
Oct 9th 2016
Scott Grant
The Fellowship: Fractured & Opposed
Acts 5
Oct 16th 2016
Paul Taylor
Behold the Glory
Acts 6-7
Oct 23rd 2016
Scott Grant
Acts 8:1-25
Oct 30th 2016
Paul Taylor
The Foreigner
Acts 8:26-40
Nov 6th 2016
Matt Mikalatos
From Enemy to Ally
Acts 9:1-31
Nov 13th 2016
Paul Taylor
The Story's Not Over Yet
Acts 9:32-10:23
Nov 20th 2016
Scott Grant
Open Ears
Acts 10:24-11:18
Nov 27th 2016
Scott Grant
The Boomerang Gospel
Acts 11:19-30
Dec 4th 2016
Paul Taylor
Give It Away
Dec 11th 2016
Paul Taylor
Rescued to Multiply
Acts 12:1-25
Jan 8th 2017
Corrie Gustafson
Being Sent
Acts 12:25-13:52
Jan 15th 2017
Paul Taylor
Satisfied Hearts
Acts 14
Jan 22nd 2017
Scott Grant
The Rise of the Reconcilers
2 Corinthians 5:14-21
Jan 29th 2017
Efrem Smith
In Search of Oneness
Acts 15:1-35
Feb 5th 2017
Paul Taylor
Finding the Path
Acts 15:36-16:10
Feb 12th 2017
Paul Taylor
Unlikely People
Acts 16:11- 40
Feb 19th 2017
Andy Burnham
Hold It Up To The Light
Acts 17:1-15
Feb 26th 2017
Scott Grant
Connecting with Culture
Acts 17:16-34
Mar 5th 2017
Paul Taylor
A United Front
Acts 18:1-22
Mar 12th 2017
Corrie Gustafson
When Evil Does Its Worst
Acts 19:9
Mar 19th 2017
Scott Grant
A Neutral Gospel?
Acts 19:21-41
Mar 26th 2017
Paul Taylor
Unique Among Religions
Apr 2nd 2017
Dan Westman
Journey of Hope
Luke 9:51
Apr 9th 2017
Scott Grant
Show the Way
Acts 20: 17-38
Apr 23rd 2017
Scott Grant
The Path of Most Resistance
Acts 21:1–22:29
Apr 30th 2017
Paul Taylor
Unlikely Allies
Acts 22:30-24:27
May 14th 2017
Paul Taylor
Is Faith Irrational?
Acts 25-26
May 28th 2017
Scott Grant
Storms, Shipwrecks, and Snakes
Acts 27:1-28:14
Jun 4th 2017
Andy Burnham
To Know and Be Known
Acts 28:15-31
Jun 11th 2017
Scott Grant