Ray Stedman - March 22, 1964

Prayer's Certainties

Scripture References: Luke 11:5-13

From Series: "Jesus Teaches on Prayer"

A wonderful series on New Testament prayers drawn from the Gospels." Beyond the things which science can measure and weigh and analyze, beyond this cold, impersonal universe which appears about us, Jesus says, is a Father's heart. Around us are a Father's arms and we are to cry out to him, for in Christ his voice has already called to us. We are to answer like a child crying out to his father. For, like a child, we do not always know what is wrong with us. Helmut Thielicke suggests that sometimes a child can only look at his mother with great, appealing eyes and cannot say what is wrong but his mother usually knows, for she takes hold at the right place. Like a father pitieth his children, the Scripture says, so the Lord pitieth them that fear him and cry out to him when they are in trouble, even though they may cry out about the wrong thing. Nevertheless, when we cry out a Father hears and a Father's strength moves to act on our behalf."

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