Ray Stedman - February 24, 1974

The Lord of His Workman

Scripture References: Jeremiah 13:1-27, Jeremiah 12:1-17, Jeremiah 11:1-23, Jeremiah 15:1-21, Jeremiah 14:1-22

From Series: "Jeremiah"

Jeremiah the "suffering prophet" remained in Jerusalem during the final devastating judgments of God culminating in the destruction of the Temple of Solomon. His forty-year ministry was devoid of visible fruit. Ray's series, "Death of a Nation" shows how spiritual decline and compromise among God's people leads inexorably to the end of a nation. Very relevant for our nation today. "I have chosen this series of studies because it is set in a time of crisis and of the moral decline of a nation. It reveals what is behind the death of a nation. In two years the United States of America will celebrate its two hundredth birthday. And it may be that in these very days, as we celebrate our Bicentennial as a nation, we also may be witnesses to the beginning of the end of the United States of America. There are some who feel this is so. I hope it is not true. But the forces which are destroying our nation are the same forces which destroyed the nation Jeremiah witnessed to. We can learn a great deal about what is going on in our nation's life by studying this great prophecy of Jeremiah. We can learn here how to behave in a time of national and personal crisis. What should a believer do when things are falling apart around him in his home, his community, his nation, and the world in which he lives? The answers are here. And from this prophecy we will also learn what is the word of hope in an hour of despair and darkness, and how God plants the seeds of new life in the midst of death and destruction all around. It is a great book..."

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