Scott Grant - January 6, 2008

A Voice in the Wilderness

The Way of the Lord The Gospel of Mark has much to say about the way we live our lives. Mark, at the outset, writes of "the way of the Lord," which is the way of Jesus. In one sense, the way of the Lord is literal: Mark depicts Jesus' journey from Galilee in the north to Jerusalem in the south. Far more significant are why Jesus takes the journey, how he goes about it and what he accomplishes. By depicting a literal journey as the setting for the way of Jesus, Mark invites us to join Jesus on the road to Jerusalem. We learn the way of the Lord by walking with Jesus. the Gospel of Mark, then, will inspire us, as individuals and as a church, follow Jesus wherever he leads.

Scripture References: Mark 1:1-8

From Series: "The Way of the Lord"

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