What’s the trip all about?

Our HS ministry has been partnering with MDM Honduras (Ministries of Divine Mercy) to develop and empower a community outside of the capital city called Rezisapa. The areas we’ve been focusing on have been education, health and economic development.

Our work will consist of 3 major components: House/building projects, Prayer/Outreach, and VBS/Education activities

House/Building Projects: Rezisapa is a low-income rural area where homes are typically made of unsealed adobe brick on bare ground. Our team will pour in concrete floors and seal homes with a limestone-based paint that both seals the home and acts as an anti-bacterial barrier. 

VBS/Education: We will have the opportunity to share the gospel through teaching and crafts at the school in Rezisapa and MDM in San Matias. 

Prayer/Outreach: We break up into groups of 4-5 people and are led by our translator to the homes of preselected families to bring them a gift basket and offer prayer. 

This is an amazing opportunity for students to get out of their comfort zone, use there gifts, and learn from another culture. Our goal is to have each student be used and impacted by God and to realize their position as missionaries not only in Honduras, but in this world.

Want to partner with us financially? 

We believe this trip is not only an investment into the community in Honduras, but an investment into the faith of each member of the team. As such, we graciously ask that you partner with us in prayer and, if led, financially. You can give both to the whole team or directly to 1 or more members. If wanting to give to a specific member, please indicate it in the notes field.