Good Friday Gospel Read

On Good Friday, four churches from Palo Alto (University AME Zion, Palo Alto Vineyard Church, First Christian Church, and Peninsula Bible Church) are joining together to read out loud all four biblical accounts of the life of Jesus. Sign up for a 15 minute slot to read or listen in for any part of the day.

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The Details

Time: 8am – 7pm

Location: Facebook Live

Content: The biblical books of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John

Listen in while we read through all four gospel books over the course of the day on Good Friday. 



Frequently Asked Questions


Why are you doing this?


During this time of the COVID-19 crisis, there is so much information we are paying attention to. News stories, county restrictions, infection rates, and new deaths. We want to take the day of Good Friday to pay attention to the story of Jesus. 


How will this work?


The readers will join a Zoom conference call in order to read aloud. That Zoom call will be broadcast on Facebook Live for others to watch. If you signed up for a slot, you’ll receive an email with the instructions on how to join the Zoom call. Sign up to read here.


Which Bible version should I read from?


We have obtained permission to stream the gospels from the English Standard Version (ESV). But if you’d rather read your section from an alternate version, go ahead!


Can I read with other members of my family?


Absolutely! This would be a great thing to do as a family or small group. Sign up for a 15 slot and take turns reading out loud!


How will I know where to start reading?


You will simply pick up reading where the last reader left off. You can ask the previous reader where they are stopping. Someone will also be on the Zoom conference call to give instructions if help is needed. 


Do you expect me to watch this for 11 hours?!


No, not really. You can tune in or out on the live stream. Maybe you want to leave it on in the background while you work. Or take 10 minutes each hour to listen in. However you want to engage – it’s up to you. 





Join one of our churches for our

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