Interpreting the Revelation: Critical Passages and Interpretive Approaches

10:45 am - 12 pm
Begins 9/16 in The Upper Room

Praxis, meaning "Action; practice" will be a series of one to four week​ classes on various "Christian living" topics taught by different teachers throughout the year.

Interpreting the Revelation begins Sunday, September 16.
This 5 week class will be led by Jeff Louie.

The Revelation is such a hard book to understand, but it has deep ramifications to current issues such as: the place of Israel, China, global warming, the Antichrist, rapture, and whether the world is going to get better or worse. Our study will look at various interpretative approaches and the critical passages to help us come to a better understanding.


  • October 7th 2018
  • October 14th 2018
  • September 30th 2018