Disciple Foundry
Biblically Rooted. Personally driven. Ministry focused.


Equipping the next generation of disciples of Jesus to transform the Bay Area.

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Hosted at Peninsula Bible Church, the Disciple Foundry is a re-framing of the former Intern Program that has been active at PBC since the 1970s. We seek to establish a new set of leaders who will take on the challenge of transforming the bay for Christ. Leaning on the long, deep history of the original PBC Intern program, the Foundry hopes to expand to reach outside PBC as well as to use the resources available today at PBC to bring a new training program for Christians in the bay area and beyond.

Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect.

Romans 12:2

Biblically Rooted

All the teaching is biblically and theologically grounded.  We stand upon a truth found in Scripture. The Foundry is a re-framing of the former Intern program that has been active at PBC since 1970.

Personally Driven

Courses will merge the theological, biblical and practical. Each topic will be approached through various perspectives and by different teachers. Students will have options for core and elective courses.

Ministry Focused

Though each will be personally enriched, the goal of the training will be to equip us to minister to others. We will be equipping people to serve within the body of Christ.


  1. A comprehensive understanding of the Gospel
  2. A vibrant presence of the Spirit in ministry
  3. A compassionate perspective of sin
  4. A message that is contextualized to different cultures and generations
  5. A foundational truth that never changes
  6. A vital ministry of intercession and prayer
  7. An extraordinary life of grace within ourselves, our families, church, and society
  8. A community that mutually encourages and exhorts one another
  9. A deep understanding of faith in Christ that is the basis of our salvation, and results in the transformational work of God through us


The Program began in the Fall of 2019. A Bible Study Course is required then two courses; one on theological and one on biblical topics will be offered each quarter, five weeks each. Classes are given twice each week, on Tuesday evenings and repeated on Wednesday mornings. (by Zoom during the pandemic) Students can attend either class, to allow flexibility for individual schedules.  In addition, each class will be recorded and the audio made available to students who miss both in-class offerings (see below for this content). We may also offer electives during the 2-year period, given on Sunday mornings or weekday evenings; these may count toward the program’s completion.

To obtain the two-year program certification the following requirements must be met

  • A total of 12 courses must be taken – electives can be counted toward this total allowing you to define your course selection based on your needs.
  • For each course, only 1 class may be missed and the audio recording must be used to make up the content. All homework must be done, even on missed classes.
  • Students will be mentored individually and must meet with their mentors at least twice each quarter of the program.
  • Each course is offered pass/fail – missed classes, missed homework and lack of make-up of classes or assignments may cause a student to fail a course.  Courses may be repeated until completion of certificate.

Although a two year program, students can enter in any Fall Quarter.

Courses may be audited in any quarter by anyone.  If auditing, no homework will be required, although for maximum benefit students are encouraged to do the homework assignments.  Audited courses will not be counted toward certification.

Completed applications can be mailed to the PBC main office or scanned and emailed to [email protected]

The application process for the 2019-21 program has concluded

See a full course listing in the syllabus.

For those wishing to audit, please complete our audit registration form for each course you plan to take.


Course Materials

AudioSlide SetsOther Material
Gospel Class 1Slide Set
Gospel Class 2Slide Set
Gospel Class 3Slide Set
Gospel Class 4Slide Set
Gospel Class 5 (partial)Slide SetNotes
Gen Rev Class 1Slide SetSyllabusMatrix
Gen Rev Class 2 Tues PM
Gen Rev Class 2 Wed AM
Slide Set Tues
Slide Set Wed
Gen Rev Class 3Slide Set
Gen Rev Class 4 Wed AMSlide Set
Gen Rev Class 5Slide Set
Inspiration Class 1Slide SetInspiration Matrix
Inspiration Class 2 Wed AM(same slides as class 1)
Inspiration Class 3(same slides as class 1)
Inspiration Class 4Slide Set (rev)
Inspiration Class 5
Exegesis/Upper Rm Class 1Slide SetSyllabus
Exegesis/Upper Rm Class 2Slide Set
Exegesis/Upper Rm Class 3Slide SetSyntactical Outline
Exegesis/Upper Rm Class 4Slide Set

Paraklētos Word Study

Pneuma Word Study

Exegesis/Upper Rm Class 5Slide Set
Sin & Atonement Class 1Slide SetSyllabus
Sin & Atonement Class 2Slide Set
Sin & Atonement Class 3Slide Set
Sin & Atonement Class 4Slide Set
Sin & Atonement Class 5Slide Set
Servant Songs of Isaiah Class 1(no slides)Syllabus
Servant Songs of Isaiah Class 2
Servant Songs of Isaiah Class 3
Servant Songs of Isaiah Class 4
Servant Songs of Isaiah Class 5
Jesus and the Spirit Class 1Slide SetSyllabus
Jesus and the Spirit Class 2Slide Set
Jesus and the Spirit Class 3Slide SetRevised Slide Set
Jesus and the Spirit Class 4Slide Set
Jesus and the Spirit Class 5Slide Set
Exegesis of Acts 2 Class 1Slide SetSyllabus
Exegesis of Acts 2 Class 2Slide Set
Exegesis of Acts 2 Class 3Slide Set
Exegesis of Acts 2 Class 4Slide Set
Exegesis of Acts 2 Class 5Slide Set
Salvation & Sanctification Class 1Slide SetSyllabus
Salvation & Sanctification Class 2Slide Set
Salvation & Sanctification Class 3Slide Set
Salvation & Sanctification Class 4Slide Set
Salvation & Sanctification Class 5Slide Set
Worship Class 1Slide SetSyllabus
Worship Class 2Slide Set
Worship Class 3Slide Set
Worship Class 4Slide Set
Worship Class 5Slide Set
Worship Pt 2 Class 1Slide SetSyllabus
Worship Pt 2 Class 2Slide Set
Worship Pt 2 Class 3Slide Set
Worship Pt 2 Class 4Slide Set
Worship Pt 2 Class 5Slide Set
Set Apart Class 1Slide SetSyllabus
Set Apart Class 2Slide Set
Set Apart Class 3Slide Set
Set Apart Class 4Slide Set
Set Apart Class 5Slide Set

Resources for the Student

  • Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance (based on KJV)
  • The New American Standard Concordance
  • Harris, Archer, Waltke.  Theological Wordbook of the Old Testament (2 volumes)
  • Theological Dictionary of New Testament Words

Online Resources

http://bible.crosswalk.org/Excellent site that includes many different versions, commentaries, dictionaries, interlinear bible (English with Greek/Hebrew), and other tools
http://blueletterbible.org/Another site with many tools. The interlinear bible is particularly helpful on this site.
http://net.bible.org/Home of the NET Bible translation with extensive notes on why certain translation decisions were made. Other tools available as well.
http://www.biblegateway.com/Offers translations in many languages. Does not offer as many tools or original language helps.


Introductions usually contain background information


Theological Dictionaries

To research theological themes prevalent in book/passage

  • Baker’s Evangelical Dictionary of Biblical Theology
  • Theological Dictionary of New Testament (TDNT)
  • Theological Dictionary of the Old Testament (TDOT)

Historical summaries

  • A Biblical History of Israel, Iain Provain
  • Jesus Through Middle Eastern Eyes, Kenneth Bailey