Come. Eat. Share.

Building up the body of Christ over a hot meal and authentic sharing of our hearts

A PBC Community Connecting Event 

A Hospitality Dinner/Lunch Event

What is Come. Eat. Share?
A hospitality dinner/lunch event with the goal of building up the body of Christ over a hot meal and authentic sharing of our hearts.

By mobilizing members of the PBC body to open their homes and share a meal with not-so-familiar fellow PBC-ers.


  1. To encourage intergenerational fellowship/mentorship among fellow PBCers.
  2. To step out of our comfort zone and break bread with people we aren’t familiar with.
  3. To see how our Lord wants to connect us and commission us for different ministries of the Gospel.


Many fellow PBCers have the desire to connect across different age groups, professions, and social backgrounds. This event gives members of the PBC body a chance to share a meal together as well as the ups and downs of our journey in the world as Christians. Our hope is for all of us to connect beyond our familiar circles of friends, build deep and meaningful relationships, and see the Lord bring together His followers as ministers of the Gospel. 


  • There’s no limitation around how many seats the host must offer. It can be 1, or more 🙂
  • We will sign up guests for you. The goal is to get people who aren’t familiar with each other so new relationships will be built.
  • Food is secondary, we want to make this “multiply-able” by making the food simple, but the fellowship rich.

Questions about Come. Eat. Share? Let us know!