Dear AWANA Parents!
In light of the developing COVID-19 situation, the Elders at PBC, following the recommendation from the Santa Clara County Public Health Department (SCCPHD), decided to suspend our weekly AWANA Program for the month of March. As you know this is a developing situation and we will post updates on our website,, as decisions are made.
We all love AWANA! We love learning about God with your children each week, and we are thankful for the relationships we have made with one another.
Even though we’re not meeting, please continue to help your child(ren) work in their handbooks. You will be surprised how quick your children can memorize these verses. We can keep that aspect of AWANA going!
We know that God is in control of all our circumstances and he gives grace sufficient for each day. We encourage you to pray for his peace for yourselves and for one another. Also, pray for those who are at risk in your neighborhood and seek God’s guidance in knowing how to reach out and care for them. Let’s use this opportunity to be kingdom followers and to love the Lord our God with all our heart, soul, and mind, and to love our neighbors as ourselves.
If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact:
[email protected] (AWANA Director)
[email protected] (Pastor)
[email protected] (Elder to Children’s Ministry)

Why is AWANA being cancelled if schools are not being cancelled?
SCCPHD provided a well-laid-out reason for not cancelling schools at this time. Some of those involve not further burdening families that depend on schools for basic needs. In addition, they cited not wanting to burden the parents who are frontline healthcare providers. In our case, suspending AWANA should not impact either of these two factors.

Why is AWANA cancelled if PBC’s Middle School and High School midweek events are not?
Earlier, SCCPHD provided these factors when deciding to cancel or postpone events:
Size: AWANA leaders and children are typically over 100 while the other two ministries are much smaller in attendance.
Density and contact: the recommendation is to keep social distance (more than arm’s length of one another) in order to reduce the risk of spreading the virus. The ages of AWANA children being younger and our activities make it difficult to keep to these recommendations.

Why cancel through March now?
SCCPHD recommended that cancellations be scoped on a rolling 30-day basis. Deciding to cancel now through March allows us to settle this question within the guidelines without having to revisit and answer each week. Of course, if the situation takes a positive turn we would re-evaluate.

What can I do while AWANA Club is not in session?
AWANA is near and dear to PBC because it provides an avenue through evangelism and discipleship to prepare today’s children for tomorrow’s Christian leaders. During this time of absence from club, Handbooks can still be utilized to dive into Biblical truths and to learn the meaning and application of the Bible verses which may be memorized.

How can my child get credit for the verses they memorizes?
Memorization of Bible verses will be credited once AWANA Club resumes. Our AWANA secretaries will record all verses memorized so each individual will receive credit for the work completed.

Are there online resources so I can work with my children?

Handbooks for each Division
Sparks — HandGlider, WingRunner, SkyStormer
TnT— Discovery of Grace, Evidence of Grace, Agents of Grace