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PBC Meets Online As We Shelter-In-Place

We have always known that our church is not the building; it’s the people, but now that is made particularly clear. During the COVID-19 health crisis, our church will meet entirely online. Look for opportunities for children, youth, adults, and our recovery ministry on our Stay Connected page. Need help during this time? Fill out our Need Help Form.



Join our live stream worship service featuring engaging music and relevant teaching from the Bible at, the PBC YouTube Channel, and Facebook.


In our new sermon series, we will look at how our unity in the kingdom of God should shape our interactions in a divisive culture. By tracing the theme of the kingdom throughout Scripture, we’ll see how God’s people strive to bless the world.

Audio, video and text versions of each message in the series will be available weekly in the Sermon Library.


Feeling isolated during this time? We’d love to connect you to our community. All of our ministries continue to offer weekly online connecting points that can help PBCers and our newcomers get plugged in. We also have new small groups that are forming for connection, prayer and fellowship. Fill out a Connect Card and we’ll follow up. If you need prayer, fill out a Prayer Request.


Welcome to Faith in Real Life! This is a collection of mini-sermons (under 7 minutes each) where we cover various topics and discuss difficult questions that come up as we seek the Lord’s leading in our lives and minister to the world around us. Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel to stay up to date on our latest content.

Recent Mini-Sermon Series:

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Suffering—Where Is God in My Pain?

The art in this show is a response to the Lent sermon series on the book of Job called “Shattered” in which we explore the questions that inevitably rise when we face suffering: Why do good people suffer? How could God allow so much injustice in the world? Where is God in my pain? The artists in this show express pain or grief that they have experienced or seen around them, and how they see God working amidst the suffering. Explore Gallery


Andy Burnham - March 24, 2019

No Urgency

At times, many Christians feel a lack of urgency about sharing the gospel--a lack of urgency about telling people about Jesus. There doesn't seem to be any rush. Eternity seems far off, while today appears bright and sunny. Why do we sometimes feel this way? Why don't we feel greater urgency about sharing the Good News? Hopefully, as we look into the parable of the Good Samaritan, God will bring some factors to light that may be involved.

Scripture References: Luke 10:30-37

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