Living the Mission of the Church

What did Jesus mean when he taught us to pray that God's kingdom would come "on earth as it is in heaven?"

What role do we, as followers of Jesus, have in seeing that come about?

Following Jesus creates a community with purpose. Faith doesn't just result in individual holiness. We, as the people of God, are given a calling toward the world that we live in. The church is sent into the world to see God's kingdom take root in big and small ways. But what does that really look like for us today in Silicon Valley?

The leadership at PBC has a growing sense that God is leading us to more fully embrace our calling to serve our local community. From September 2016 through May 2017, our preaching series titled SENT: Living the Mission of the Church will look back at the founding story of the early church, written in the book of Acts, to better understand that calling. We hope to uncover guidance for us in our present day and age by seeing how the church wrestled with these questions in its beginning. We will discover that the book of Acts is a record not so much of the Acts of the Apostles, but rather, the Acts of the Holy Spirit. So, we will ask the Spirit to be at work through us today.

Along the way, we'll stop to reflect on several relevant cultural and theological topics. We'll talk about the intersection of faith and politics; we'll be trained in evangelism; we'll consider issues of race and pluralism; we'll serve our community, and through all of it, we will pray. 

Calendar of Topics

October 12 - Government
November 6 - Evangelism
December 11 - Generosity
January 29 - Race
April 2 - World Religions
May - Beautiful Day

Join us as we journey together through Sunday morning sermons, video interviews, special events, and small group Bible studies. May we learn together how to live the mission of the church.

Message Library

Audio, Video, and Text versions of each message in the series will be posted weekly in the message library.