Each of the pastors  is available to meet with those who attend PBC to help understand and cope with issues impacting life and family. To reach an individual pastor, you may:

  • Phone the PBC main number, 650-494-3840
    During office hours a staff member will connect you with the pastor you wish to contact. (Office hours are 9am-4pm Monday through Thursday and 9am-1pm on Fridays.)
  • Phone the PBC main number and key in the pastor's personal extension (See list at right.) If the pastor is not in his or her office, you will be able to leave a voice-mail message.
  • Email the pastor at his or her individual email address (See links at right.)

Please also feel free to contact a PBC elder if you would like to speak with one of them. An email link can be found on the flip side of their elder photo.