These articles are written both for your personal use and for you to share with others - perhaps with a friend over coffee and a croissant,  perhaps with your bible study group, Sunday school class, or even (should you be so bold) with your relatives.  Feel free to print out copies or to share them online.  I hope they will bless whomever they reach.

The Advent Series
December is a time to prepare our hearts for Christmas. Let's do so by considering the impact of Jesus' birth on those involved. May you be gifted by each offering.

The Beginnings Series (Genesis 1-4)
The first chapters of Genesis – the “garden chapters” – introduce foundational truths  on which  the rest of the bible depends. They also reveal God’s character in startling ways.

The Forgiveness Series
Forgiveness permeates the whole Bible. It's also to permeate our lives.This series takes a close look at how God's forgiveness unveils His character, confirms His trustworthiness, and models for us what it means to forgive each other.

The Sex & Worship Series
It may surprise you to learn how closely the bible parallels sexual and spiritual intimacy; each reveals something of the other.  The articles in this series explore this fascinating subject.