One of my chief joys as pastor of counseling is to equip others to effectively come alongside the people God brings into their lives. Here are some resources that I regularly use in both counseling and discipleship:
  • To read biblical views on coping with life, click the link Coping with Life
  • To find guidance on wisely coming alongside others, click the link Helping Others
  • To identify the real issues behind low self-esteem and point to a God-given worth that won't fade, click the link Grappling with Your Identity.
  • To discover what God has to say about about marriage, parenting, and family life, click the link Marriage and Parenting.
  • To see reviews of various books and presentations click the link Quotes & Reviews
  • To examine selected biblical texts, uncover word meanings, and learn about the character of God, click the link Exploring the Bible.

You might also want to go directly to my personal website,

I hope these resources will be a gift to you personally and will aid you to gift and love both the Lord and the people you meet.