New songs we're learning:

  • Center My Life (Austin Stone Worship)

    A powerful and prayerful song, asking God to turn our eyes, tune our hearts, and teach our hearts, to be centered on his beauty and power.
  • Psalm 126 (BiFrost Arts/Sojourn Music)

    The Psalms of scripture are for us to pray and to sing every bit as much as they were for ancient Israel. We need the Psalms to be rightly formed as worshipers of the one true God. Psalm 126 holds in honest tension the hope to which we are called as well as the real sorrow that does and will accompany those who live to proclaim God's Kingdom. It is hard to live as Jesus called us to, it is hard to be about his work of redemption and healing, but it is the highest of callings and the most authentic way. In this kingdom work we are reoriented and refocused by the singing and praying of these words.

Ministry Vision:

Music is a very important part of how we worship at PBC. The songs that we learn and sing at PBC enable us to use both a musical richness and a lyrical expression to a proclamation God's character, works, and promises. We love to sing both the rich lyrics and robust theology of hymns from many eras, as well as the clarity and timeliness of many current worship songs.

  • We worship with music in the modern, acoustic-guitar-driven spectrum of style with Americana influences, vocal harmonies, and the desire to be a singing church.
  • We seek to draw from the rich heritage of the Christian church's worship practices while sensitively utilizing the best ideas, songs, language, and amplification technology of the present.
  • We strive to forge a worship style and a liturgy that is culturally relevant to the San Francisco Bay Area, here in our day and age, while remaining theologically grounded in the revelation of God in scripture.

Sometimes we sing with a quiet reverence, sometimes we sing songs of longing for God's will to be done, sometimes we sing loud songs of celebration! Often we'll do all of these in the same service.

We have two ministry bands that alternate leading music, two Sundays on then two Sundays off, and from time to time we include soloists and small ensembles that enrich our worship with fresh musical perspectives. In all of this variety, the ultimate aim is to give glory to God and build up the faith of all who gather here in worship.