My name is Lynne Fox and I'd like to introduce you to pastoral counseling at PBC. Let me tell you a bit about myself and about my perspective on Christian counseling.

My first and basic training in counseling came from a wise and discerning PBC pastor, Ted Wise, who taught me to counsel from the Scriptures. He didn't train me to add verse and prayer to psychological technique. Rather, he showed me how the Bible unveils reality, how we substitute our version of reality for God's, and how to apply scriptural truths to everyday life.

After a decade of pastoral counseling, I ventured into the secular sphere and completed a doctorate in clinical psychology. During my study the Lord showed me even more clearly the exquisite detail with which the Bible explains human behavior and let me see that the Holy Spirit brings about more profound change than human technique can ever elicit. With new certainty of my calling, I chose the pastorate as my career.

I have been on the PBC staff as a pastoral counselor, teacher, and discipler since 1992. During that time I have focused on counseling individuals and couples, on equipping men and women to counsel more effectively those whom God brings into their lives, on teaching in various venues, and on training the PBC interns to understand and apply the foundational truths found in the first chapters of Genesis. Much of this material is available through links on the Pastoral Counseling page, in my book, Grappling with Your Identity, and on my personal website, BibleGrapes.com

My husband and I married in 1964. We are still somewhat astonished to learn how - with considerable hard work and a significant amount of repentance - our love deepens with each passing year. Our two children, their spouses, and our two grandchildren each gift our lives.

Making Contact

If you would like to ask a question, just chat, or set up an appointment to talk, you can contact me by email (see link at right) or phone me at 650-494-3840 x227. Please feel free to leave a voice-mail message if I am not able to answer the phone when you call.

I look forward to getting to know you.