Biblical principles, including those applied from Paul’s second letter to the church at Corinth (chapters 8-9), guide PBC’s view on giving. Stewardship of money and other resources recognizes that our gracious God is the provider of all that we have. Each of us has the privilege and responsibility to give as God has provided. Those who are committed to Jesus Christ as Lord are asked to prayerfully consider the needs of the church body of which they are a part and give as the Lord himself directs: thankfully, generously, cheerfully. PBC applies the principle that righteous giving is a matter between the individual and the Lord (Matthew 6:1-4). We maintain only minimum required records. Knowledge of contributors and amounts given is limited to those who issue receipts. We believe the Lord himself is the head of this church. We intend to openly and fairly communicate PBC’s financial needs as we understand them and trust the Lord to supply those needs. ~ PBC Elders

For more information on biblical stewardship, see sermon series on 2 Corinthians 8 & 9, The Grace of Giving, or series on generosity entitled Wealth and Worship.

Contribution Options

Check or Cash  

Place your gifts, cash or check, in an offering basket during any worship service, drop it off midweek to the Church Office, or mail your contribution (please do not mail cash) to Peninsula Bible Church, Attn: Accounting, 3505 Middlefield Road, Palo Alto, CA 94306.

Bank Online Bill Payment 

PBC welcomes contributions through your bank’s internet bill pay service. By establishing Peninsula Bible Church, 3505 Middlefield Road, Palo Alto, CA 94306 as a vendor through your bank’s on-line banking service, you can instruct them to issue a check to Peninsula Bible Church.  On-line banking services can be used for periodic contributions and are particularly useful to establish regular recurring (weekly, monthly) automatic contributions.

Online via PayPal

Be advised that PayPal charges PBC a 2.5% fee on contributions you give through PayPal.

Stock and Other Non-Cash 

Please contact the church accounting office, Kelly Lind at PBC (650-494-3840 Ext 233) or email Kelly Lind for instructions on how to make contributions of stock, other securities, or other non-cash contributions.

Donation Receipts

PBC mails donation receipts annually, during January for the previous calendar year, as indicated below.

For checks, online bill payments, and credit card contributions greater than $250 each, PBC uses the information contained on your check or bank document. For contributions less than $250, your cancelled check or other bank record meets the IRS documentation requirements. Receipts for contributions of less than $250 will be prepared if requested at the time of the donation.

In order to claim cash contributions as a charitable contribution on your tax return, the IRS requires a receipt from PBC. If you wish to receive a receipt for cash contributions, please provide the information requested on the donation envelopes found in the church pew racks at the time of the donation.