Construction Has Begun!

What you need to know for Sunday mornings:
  • Our main entrance to the auditorium is closed. Access the auditorium via driveway sidewalks to the side patio or west wing entrance.
  • Families with children may enter through the playground or main patio to check in/out children to their classrooms.
  • The new women's restroom off the foyer is usable. There is are individual, accessible restroom behind the platform in the auditorium, and in the D-Building.
  • The restrooms off the inner patio are given priority to children and Sunday school teachers. Adults are advised to wait outside these restrooms when there are children inside. 
  • The Cry Room is available for families only. There is a diaper changing table in the Cry Room. Please note that the only exit out of the Cry Room is through the auditorium. (If your child is ready, this maybe a good time to check out the Infant Room!)
  • Brochures and previous week sermon transcripts and CDs are located in the Fireside and West Wings.
  • An Information Booth is located on the side patio.

What began in 1948 as a calling to five local businessmen, "to know Christ and to make him known," has blossomed into the far-reaching ministries of today’s PBC church.  Wise and prayerful stewardship by PBC disciples before us has given us a wonderful place to gather and worship.

God's Ministry Through PBC describes our history through the decades.

Why Remodel?

Good Stewardship
Although we are grateful to God for all the ways our buildings have served our PBC body over the last 60 years, looking ahead we need to ensure that they can continue to meet the needs of the community—those who worship and those who use the buildings in different ways throughout the week.

While the buildings look in good condition, there are significant problems beneath the surface. We have maintenance, safety, and accessibility concerns. Our roofs leak, our buildings need safety upgrades, and we have limited access for people with disabilities. The catalyst for this project was the seismic findings during the adjacent property consideration in 2013.

Flexible Spaces
Room sizes among Junior High, High School, and Adult spaces are unbalanced. Structurally, we cannot move walls or make other minor remodels in these ministries, including Children’s, to accommodate changing group sizes. The remodel will create spaces that are flexible and versatile for changing ministry needs.

Fostering Community
Our ministries and staff are scattered across the campus, impeding a sense of engagement and community. This is particularly true for ministries located in the D Building (e.g., Step Closer, Forum, College, Couples, etc.). The remodel will bring (physically) outlying ministries closer to the central courtyard—the heart of the PBC campus.

What does the remodel include?

The budget established by the elders for the remodel plan is $6 million. Currently we have $3.4 million given or pledged toward the project. Our approach will be “fund as we go,” so that we will not begin construction of plans that are not yet funded.

What has already been accomplished:

  • We have clustered the pastoral staff in offices within the A Building. 
  • We have swapped the meeting location for Preschool and Junior High, removing interior walls to create two newly decorated rooms for our 3-5 year olds (A-10 and A-11) and a larger space for our growing 6-8th graders (C-1).
  • We have moved IT and facility storage/offices to the upstairs rooms behind the auditorium platform.
  • We have re-roofed the A, B, and C buildings.
  • We have painted the A, B, and C wings.
What comes next (designed around a $2.4 Million budget):
  • Foyer: seismic fittings, women’s and men’s restrooms, kitchen annex, attic access, awning.
  • Fellowship Hall: seismic fittings, re-roof, elevator, stairway, sound isolation, restrooms, kitchenette.
  • Sitework: creating ADA access from handicap parking to the worship center (auditorium) doors.
  • Exterior painting of the auditorium and fellowship hall.
What is deferred (not to be accomplished until funding available):
  • D Building: Offices.
  • A, B, C Buildings: play area, restrooms, classrooms/meeting rooms

This is Your Project

We sense the Lord's calling to continue ministry through PBC in Palo Alto. In order to ensure a solid foundation, we are taking this step of faith and acting as good stewards now, and for future generations. PBC is not the buildings on campus; it is the people who are PBC. Our buildings simply support the ministries of his people. Let's do this together.

This remodel will prepare us for God’s continued work in and through his people known as PBC. We ask that you support the remodel project through prayer and contribution. You can ask God to bless the project in general, and ask that he would guide us and direct us in this endeavor. Also, please pray that the financial needs will be met in order to complete the project as hoped.

Give and Pledge
In total our goal was to raise $6 million from within the church family over a two and one half year period. Through the generosity of this body, we have $3 million with which to accomplish necessary seismic and ADA upgrades to our main worship center and fellowship hall. Donations are needed for construction to begin. We will begin portions of the project as funds are available and plans finalized. We ask that pledged funds to be received prior to December 31, 2017, or as soon as you are able. 

How to Give and Pledge

Questions and Answers summarizes the most frequently asked questions.

We will be updating the information on these pages as plans are modified.